Friday, May 3, 2013

work it and take your measurements!

I was looking back at previous entries of weight loss amounts and inches lost. I noticed something. When I did Ideal Protein I lost about the same amount of inches as with P90X, in half the amount of time, and with three times as much weight loss. One month was about 15" and 14 lbs. 2 months of P90X was about 12" and 5lbs. Now which would you do? Which do you think is going to have the more lasting and dramatic results? I'd say the one that sheds greater inches with fewer pounds. It's the good ol' tried and true method of hard work. In the end that is going to reap such greater benefits. It also is going to look so much better. Who would rather see flabby skin hanging than tightened and toned? Not I. I'm looking forward to seeing more changes in me as I go through the year. I am loving my Shakeology. No joke. I've tried all kinds of protein shakes (Isagenix, store brands, Vemma, Ideal Protein, Nutrisytem) and I can tell you this really is my favorite. That's a post for another time though.  In the meantime, check out this pic I keep on my phone as a reminder. 5lbs of fat versus 5lbs of muscle:
60 days P90X (without Shakeology)

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