Thursday, May 2, 2013

reasons you might stay fat...and, yes, you can change that.

I just came across this while going through old files on my computer.  I must have copied and pasted it from somewhere, or even typed it up from some magazine article.  I don't recall the source, so forgive me.  I thought it had some good stuff to it though:

22 Reasons You Might Stay Fat

  1. You are still looking for a quick-and-easy solution to weight loss.
  2. You think that diet and exercise are the only essential factors in weight loss.
  3. You have not identified the psychological reasons that drive your eating patterns.
  4. You have not learned to manage or heal the psychological reasons that drive your eating patterns.
  5. You have a fear of or resistance to growing up and becoming a full adult.
  6. You use food as a reward or a treat after any or all stressful events.
  7. You think you can lose weight without making exercise a regular part of your day, every day.
  8. You think you can lose weight by doing it your way.
  9. You expect to lose weight without making significant lifestyle changes.
  10. You refuse to learn to become a good receiver as well as a good giver.
  11. You have never learned to be effectively and appropriately assertive.
  12. You have not learned to express your anger in a healthy, honest fashion.
  13. You have not learned to be self-nurturing except with food.
  14. You are excessively self-critical.
  15. You resist or refuse to take responsibility for your life.
  16. You resist learning to love yourself.
  17. You resist learning to love your body before it is thin.
  18. You have not faced your inner fears of being thin.
  19. You are certain that spirituality (a connection to a force greater than you) is irrelevant to weight loss.
  20. You think you can lose significant weight without the support of others.
  21. You have deep emotional wounds that you refuse to explore and heal.
  22. You are not prepared to have weight be an issue that you will have to face each and every day of the rest of your life.

O.K., now you have some incredibly important information about yourself and what is blocking your weight loss. You now have a choice. You can get depressed and go into denial or avoidance and eat or you can choose to make a renewed and informed commitment to your growth and well-being. This decision could change your life and your body for good. Decide. You can do it.

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