Tuesday, May 7, 2013

good day.

It was a good day.  Which I needed after last night.  I survived my workout even though I wasn't sure I would a couple of times.  I took my measurements because I forgot to yesterday.  I'm basically back to where I was when I stopped P90X at the end of February.  I'm very happy about that, especially since that's just after a week.  Also, lost a full inch off just my waist.  In a week.  I'll take it!

I noticed after my shower today that my hair didn't 'shed' when I brushed it out.  I'm sure it's just a girl problem but brushing my hair out after the shower, or after having it in a ponytail, usually means at least a clump or two of broken hair strands following suit.  For me it's often also an indicator of my thyroid medication needing to be adjusted.  Well, it was so different today that I noticed.  That and the fact that my face always looks like I just put moisturizer on lately.  Could these really be effects of the changes I've made (cleaner eating, Shakeology, daily serious exercise) in only a week's time?  That seems crazy to me.  I feel like I'm crazy noticing these things- or that I'm just wanting to see something even.  Then DH told me today that I looked healthier....that he couldn't tell why or what it was but that I did.  What a great compliment, to look healthy.

I found out today that the date for IronGirl was changed to October.  It is normally held in May so I had decided I would really shoot for doing it next year.  But October?  My heart was racing every bit as fast as it did the night before I did the Triathamom race.  I think that means I need to do it.  The idea of doing it terrifies me.  The idea of finally doing something I told myself years ago that I wanted to do excites me.  It also still terrifies me.  Then again...I have sort of tried to do at least one thing each year that really scares me.  It's part of my growing process.  I've just got to come up with the money and I'm going to register.  AAahhh!  It makes me panicky to put even that.  This is my year though and I know I will be so ready for it by then.  There is nothing quite like that race.  I bawled for women I didn't even know as I watched their triumph in crossing that finish line.  I couldn't contain it and I had no idea why.... Only that I needed to be a part of it.  I hope I can.

Oh...and I bought myself some new workout clothes tonight because I am sweating so much in what I've got and just can't keep up with the laundry.  And I needed to get a size smaller than what I'd grabbed.

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