Tuesday, November 8, 2005

a month of loss.

Well...I have officially been on Nutrisystem for 4 weeks now and the time really has flown by!!  12.6 pounds are gone for good!!! I don't really look different yet but I feel so much better and lighter.  I can't wait till the end of the year when I plan to have lost 25 pounds.  This has been so easy and so worth it.  It's been a journey of self-discovery as well.  I have learned that I have never thought of myself as good enough.  For example, one week I lost 3 pounds and I was bummed that it wasn't 5.  I didn't realize what a problem this was until I started looking back at my life and realized it has hindered me from doing a lot of the things I have loved doing...like pursuing art as a lot of people have asked me about lately.  I am learning to celebrate my small accomplishments and recognize them as big ones...learning to really appreciate and love myself again.  And I am allowing myself to really FEEL emotions instead of trying to hide them or distract myself from them with food.  This is hard...and this will be a hard holiday season because of it.  There is still grief and sadness that I haven't 'walked through' over losing mom.  The book Tuesdays with Morrie helps a lot.  They recommend this book for anyone struggling to overcome an addiction of any type. 
I am happier these days.  It's been 3 weeks probably since I took any Zoloft.  The dr gave me a prescription....I just have never filled it.  I don't think about it because I feel so much better.  Things are good.

1 month stats:  minus 12.6 pounds.....  -2.85 inches in the chest,  -2.15 inches in the waist...and -.5 hips (I plan to really change that one by next month!!)