Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a post from myspace

So I've neglected most any type of keeping in touch for a little while and thought perhaps I should just give the rundown of what's been going on the last couple of months around here....
 Once Upon a Family- kept me incredibly busy through mid-July as I was trying for a major goal...I am now an Honorary Founder and also on the Advisory Council.  That means my opinion will matter and make a difference in the company.  Pretty cool to me anyhow.  Next week I will be attending their big 'family reunion' in Chicago.  I'm really looking forward to this as it will be great informational seminars and workshops.  Also, the keynote speakers will be Linda and Richard Eyre, who are amazing.  Then, to top it all off, I get to have a spa day for making founder. 
Traveling has kept me pretty crazy busy as well.  We went to San Diego as a family at the beginning of June and that was a blast!  Then we had a weekend in Beaver, UT for DH's family reunion...the next weekend was camping in Parowan, UT for my family reunion.  Thankfully, the kids were good and we all had a pretty good time.  Now, this weekend I am going back to San Diego with my sister and our best friends to see Wicked.  It'll be a quick, one-night trip but I'm sure it'll be tons of fun.
Between the work (not to mention DH being busy with a/c--thank goodness he quit the 2nd job- valet) and the traveling we've had plenty at home to keep us busy as well...My Grandpa (my mom's dad) passed away shortly before Mother's Day.  The following week I found out I was pregnant.  It kept me wiped out for quite a while...thankfully I feel much better these days (I'm now 14weeks along).  In the 3 weeks after that my best friend had a baby as did my sister-in-law.  Then June found my Grandpa (my mom's stepdad) in the hospital with heart troubles.   I was with my aunt on July 14th when we took him off of the ventilator and said goodbye.  I've had enough of hospitals and funerals.  His funeral was a week ago and it was our 5th one this year.  I had an uncle staying with me for the past week and have been busy trying to help clear out my grandpa's house and take care of business.  There's not much left to my mom's family anymore. 
As I mentioned, I'm 14 weeks along.  I have an appointment with a perinatologist this week because apparently there may be something wrong with the baby.  Something to do with my hypothyroidism.  We'll see.  At least I get an in-depth ultrasound and that may be cool.  I'm happy to be feeling better but I'm having a hard time with all this gaining weight back business.  I know it's for good reason but it's pretty hard mentally to gain back weight and grow back out of clothes that you worked so hard for.  It's especially hard that I can see it so much in my face already...a place I was pretty happy to have it gone from.  I asked the dr how much I should gain and he said 35-40lbs.  My jaw dropped.  That's almost all the weight I just lost!!!  I'm just going to eat the best I can and exercise and then go from there.  All the stress we've been under hasn't helped much so I'm really making an effort to elminate some things and slow things down.  I just feel like I've been treading water the last little while and will never be caught up on things.  Now I've decided that's okay.  I'm just living life day to day.