Tuesday, April 30, 2013

visual motivation

It's important to have visual motivation around you to remind you of the goals you have set.  I have put this off with excuses like "I don't want friends or neighbors to see old pictures of me and how thin I used to be" or "I don't want my kids to put too much emphasis on body image."  In the end, though, it is only hurting myself and keeping me from maintaining focus.  Really, this is true of any goal or ideal.  Have you ever tried taking a picture of your kids' room when it was completely clean and perfect and posting it in their room?  It works pretty darn well as a regular reminder and motivator without you needing to say anything.
So here is a little about these pictures:

  • At the top left is me with my good friend A who is a professional triathlete. She is a rockstar mom who has motivated me a lot and who I admire for pushing herself past an eating disorder and a back disorder. 
  • Next is me (in black) at about 20lbs less than I am now. I look at it and think, 'hey I look pretty good' even though I know that most would be aghast at what the scale still said then. It reminds me that I may have a long way to go but that small start makes a huge difference. 
  • In the white shirt and hat is a candid shot taken by one of my kids. I don't want to be afraid of them taking pictures of me. 
  • Below that was a 'simulation' my brother did for me when I did Nutrisystem when I was halfway to my goal & showing what I'd look like at goal. 
  • The one with my sister is at her wedding (2 months after my last was born)--- there may be some more family weddings coming in the very near future and I want to know that I look my best. 
  • In the swimsuit is another candid shot taken by one of my kids. What swimsuit picture isn't motivation? 
  • The paddleboat is because we will probably be going to Lake Las Vegas at the end of summer and that is where it was taken. It means hanging out poolside. 
  • The picture below with all our family at my daughter's baptism.... Well, that was last Labor Day. We have a big family reunion coming up in July and it will be the first that a lot of them will see me since then. I want to look noticeably better. That and at my Great-Grandma's 100th bday party on June 8th (*which is what the pic of her at her 90th is for). 
  • Next to that is my main supporters.... my husband (when we were dating in HS) and my mom, who passed away not long after this picture but who I know is my cheerleader from the other side. We used to go to the gym together regularly and that was a favorite thing for me as a teenager.
  • Ok... So then there is me holding the Olympic torch. No, I didn't run with it, but it was a pretty amazing feeling just holding it.  I think of the amazing feeling of those athletes pushing themselves to their best.
  • There's another more 'full' picture of me in a swimsuit. I had lost weight on HCG prior and when I see this picture I think how it doesn't take much to look so much better but then I also see how flabby and loose my skin is- so that reminds me that I'm not looking to just drop a bunch quickly. 
  • I have a couple pictures on my board of me pregnant to remind myself that I do NOT look pregnant even though I might think I do. 
  • I have the Triathamom logo and me with my 'medal' as a reminder of things I have put my mind to and done...that I CAN do hard things and not to listen to anyone else say otherwise. And because I want to do the race again and knock my prior time out of the park. 
  • In the white shirt was when I was about halfway to my goal weight on NS. 
  • Above that is 2 of my oldest kids with their Kids Rock Marathon medals. We mostly did it together but I'd love to be able to do more of something like that with them. I don't want them to 'beat me' even if they're younger. ;) 
  • The main picture on the bottom was taken 2 days before I found out I was pregnant with #3. I was 15lbs from goal...my lowest weight ever that I can recall. That's the person I know is in me...and that confidence in front of the camera. I remember telling my husband to take a picture of me because I wanted to record how awesome I felt. 
  • There is a picture of me laying on a hippo statue and saying "I'm not a hippo anymore". My husband thought I was just joking around but he didn't realize how much of that sentiment felt true- how much I'd felt like a hippo. I want that back. 
  • Above that is my family and I when I was a kid with Chuck Norris. He is an old family friend. It reminds me of youth and determination and of the karate family I am embarrassed to be around in my current state but want to go back to. 
  • Next to that is me with the boogie board a month ago. I have been making myself do things that I might otherwise not because of my weight in the name of refusing to stop living my life anymore. Boogie boarding did not go well and I am convinced it will be better at the end of summer after this challenge that I am doing. 
  • There are a couple other little pictures in there that remind me of the hiking I love (and the progress I'd made at losing 25 lbs- which is now 30 to go :S ) and of my upcoming family reunion.

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