Tuesday, April 16, 2013

how do you see you?

Chances are you've already seen the latest Dove beauty project going around.  In case you haven't, you need to watch this.  When I was stuck in bed with my concussion a few years back, I happened to watch a lot of Celebrity Rehab and other similar shows.   I no longer recall the name of it, but there was one that was dealing with a group rehab facility for those with eating disorders.  It was eye opening and fascinating to watch.  Anyway, they had this exercise where each person had a great big piece of butcher paper and they were to draw on it what they thought their outline would be.  Then they had a partner who then traced their outline over it for them.  There was other parts to the exercise as well that involved filling it in with images you saw yourself as or what you felt like you were made up of etc., but it was the outline that really stuck with me.  In every single case the individuals drew themselves much larger than they actually were.  Even the obese.  I have thought about that a lot.  It seemed like a very powerful and effective tool for experiencing how differently we perceive ourselves from our actual selves.  That is what I like about the Dove ad, even if it is still focusing on physical appearance as some of the complaints about it point to.  My thing is this...If I'm in a good place and love my body...what if I draw myself and when someone else traces me I am actually bigger than the outline I perceived?  That is my fear.  What if I look worse than I think?!

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