Monday, April 15, 2013

food for thought.

Sometimes when I do my scripture study I will go through the random manuals and other resources found in the Gospel Library app.  Tonight I happened upon a church publication called "God Loveth His Children."  It's excellent and worth reading imho even if what it is addressing is not your struggle.  I mention it because there was one very particular part that stood out to me.  I need to put it on my wall or, at the very least, my fridge.  It's so appropriate for my focus on the word 'nourish' for the year:
"You will be most successful in controlling your life as you constantly nourish your spirit.  Avoiding food for prolonged periods, followed by excessively large meals, will not maintain physical health.  Likewise, feeding your spirit sporadically, even in large proportions, will not yield the same result as constantly, daily nourishing your spirit."

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