Wednesday, October 23, 2013

no different than you

I get a lot of people who tell me they can't be like me, they can't put a lot of effort into losing weight, or they can't work out. They tell me I'm hard-core or something. Do you know how bizarre this is to me? I may be training for IronGirl this weekend, but that's because I made a point to do something that scares me each year and this year that's what it is. I don't workout more than 30 minutes on the average. I'm not asking you to be crazy (unless, of course, you want to push for those crazy great results). Just MOVE. Take a step forward. I have to constantly remind myself of this. My body fights me. My brain fights me and tells me to just do a cleanse or other rapid loss diet. But I know from experience those don't last, often cause residual problems like inflammation that make it harder to lose the next time, and they don't give you the lasting inner change that needs to happen as well.

ALSO:  3 months. THREE FRICKIN MONTHS. That's how long I hovered in my plateau. Goodbye and good riddance. I KNOW I would not have stuck to trying, or to trying in a HEALTHY way, were it not for having an accountability group and an awesomely supportive husband. It isn't about the scale, but sometimes it kinda is at least in your head.

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