Tuesday, June 14, 2011

so blessed.

I think Heavenly Father has really blessed me and helped me with my training these last couple of days.  I have been able to get up, do it, and recover quickly.  So much so that by yesterday morning I'd even forgotten that I'd gotten up at 5:30am and gone for a bike ride.  I'm so grateful.  This morning I ran (well, walked/jogged) and I had my best time ever.  I also think that my new inhaler prescription has helped immensely.  My chest simply doesn't hurt and I don't feel nearly as out of breath.  Yay!  There is hope.

Yesterday we had an all-around good day.  Everyone worked in the morning and then we went swimming at the Y that afternoon.  The place was packed but K doesn't mind when he is in the water and K2 did really well.  I'm hoping we can go again this afternoon but we will see.  I have piano lessons.  I do have to do a 30 minute swim for my training though.

DH has been really supportive with my training these last couple of days and I am really grateful.  He has woken up early to make sure I wake up.  While I am out he has made the bed and done the dishes.  It's just nice to have those little things taken care of.

I need to do my work on my steps today.  I need to make sure I am doing something on them everyday and remember the 5 dailies of recovery (which I can't remember at this very moment).

There is much to be done but I have hope that it can be done- and that is a really nice feeling.  I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for this feeling and renewing of hope- and grateful to really feel such love toward Him.

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