Sunday, September 8, 2013

sticking to goals as a mom

Want to know how to stay on point as a mom? Tell your kids your plans. I've intentionally never talked to my kids about my weight or weight loss because I don't want them to become focused on that themselves. However, this time around I HAVE talked with them regularly about my goals that are related to healthy living and to my challenge group. I've involved them in exercise with me and I've shown it as an example and priority. Welllllll.... This last week I slacked. I had excuses...some good (pulled hip muscle) and some not (no time). I focused on a lot of other things that were also important to me and a priority. Didn't think anyone noticed. Well, yesterday P (9) asked me if I had been exercising lately and when I replied that I hadn't the last few days she asked why I didn't do it while they were at school. Today W (10) pointed out that we didn't do plank Saturday yesterday...or the last few. (In my defense I did do a week or two without him).

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