Thursday, September 12, 2013

Christ-centered challenge group

Remember the Christ-centered 12 step challenge group I mentioned previously? It's still going to happen but I am postponing it a week to get more ducks in a row in my life first. I'm doing it because I know *I* need it. So if these describe you and you want to be a part of it, I would love to have you. Size will be limited. Current challengers or BB coaches ok. 
- at least 20 lbs to lose
- struggle with body image or let how you feel about how you look affect what you do
- willing to work on the inside first and involve religion
- willing to be my 'guinea pig' 

*I will be allowing those who are not using Shakeology or a BeachBody workout THIS one time only (because I want the group for myself  ), however if there are more people interested than I would like in the group the priority will be to those willing to make that commitment. Also, as it would be completely free to those then you would be ineligible to win prizes from me- but you'd still have the prize of the change.

*You have a week or until space fills to let me know.

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