Sunday, May 15, 2011

weighing the options.

I have options.

YMCA  $50/mo

Ideal Protein Diet

  • $85/wk + vitamins
  • expensive but effective fast
  • possible allergies
  • balance of prepared, convenient foods and personal planning of own meals
  • support through weekly coaching

Weight Watchers

  • $20-$30/mo
  • online tracking without individual calories
  • I know many who've had long long-term success with it
  • emphasis on variety and moderation
  • flexible
  • on my own unless willing to add another meeting to my schedule


  • $180 up front for first 6mo then $30/mo or $10/mo if pay for a year in advance
  • wearable armband gives real, accurate info as to calories burned throughout the day
  • visual 'real' teaching of the 'science' of food and consumption
  • track intake but easier to adjust to correct calories needed to consume because of the real info on calories expended
  • need to always wear the armband

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