Thursday, May 19, 2011


My  name is Hala and I have an addiction to food.  I use overeating as a means of making myself feel secure in my marriage.  For example, I think to myself  "If I don't feel good about how I look (or just plain don't feel good) then I feel more drawn to be with DH because I know he loves me and accepts me as I am.... or if I don't feel good about my body then I can 'hide' from being intimate- or I can use my being overweight as a 'justification' for a lack of sex life or lack of apparent interest from my spouse...thus it 'protects' me."  Of course, these are faulty thought processes.  I only hurt myself by making myself unhealthy and uncomfortable.  I draw inward and become reclusive unless I consciously fight those urges.  It limits my life and my involvement with my children.  It doesn't show the proper love and respect for the beautiful gift of a body that God has given me.  Instead it shows a lack of self-discipline & self-mastery and allows Satan to have the body he so deserves.

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