Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ns board post

I posted this on the Nutrisystem board today and wanted to share it here so that I would remember it....
Hey everyone...I just wanted to share how excited I am that my goal is in sight for me.  I've been here since Oct. 11th and have now lost 45 lbs!  My goal is just 20 (well 20.4) pounds away.  I'm just pretty excited because literally every day I have someone commenting to me and that's always kind of fun.  If you haven't taken your measurements then I encourage you to do so NOW!!! It just makes this journey so much more FUN.  I only measure my bust-waist-hips each week but I do have measurements from everything from before.  Check out my then and nows (just cuz it's kinda fun!):

BMI: 34.97...27.96!
BF % (according to my scale anyway): 42%...36.5%
arms: L=13.63 R=14.44  now BOTH are 12 (minus 4.07 total for the arms!)
thighs: L=26.25  R=26.13  now BOTH are 22! (minus 8.38 total for the thighs!!!)
calves: L=16.13 R=16.75  now both 14.5 (minus 3.88 for the calves)
chest: 45...38 (minus 7 inches!)
waist: 39...32.15 (minus 6.85 inches!)
hips: 48....39.5 (minus 8.5 inches!)
butt: 47.38....40  (minus 7.38 inches!)

for a grand total of:  45.71 inches!!! Wow! that's just over an inch per pound.  See how cool?  Go take your measurements now!  I've gotten rid of almost 20% of me just in weight.
Have a great day!


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