Thursday, March 2, 2006


From this month's Real Simple magazine- figure that everything is in quotes: (I REALLY recommend reading the full article)
1. Thin people favor bulky foods (i.e. high water content, lots of fiber, low in cals but satiating)
2. Thin people watch portion sizes ("to keep an eye on what they eat without being obsessive, many focus on filling their plates with mostly fruits, vegetables, and lean protein")
3. Thin people can put themselves first  <--- rang home to me!!
"For five years, Anne Fletcher, a registered dietitian and the author of Thin for Life, worked in an obesity clinic. 'So often the women I saw were people who refused to take time for themselves,' she recalls, 'Their whole lives were spent giving giving, giving--which women tend to do anyway, but it was really to a faulty.  Sometimes you need to put yourself first.'  Thin women prioritize eating right, exercising regularly, and reducing stress-- all of which are conducive to staying slim.  Fletcher confesses to missing the occasional Little League game to work out but contends that such behavior shouldn't induce guilt.  Rather, it's about taking care of yourself. 'When people take the reins, they realize that the solution to weight control is inside them, they realize that the solution to weight control is inside them, not in some magic potion or fad diet that their mother or sister is on."
4. Thin people have thin parents (genetics and good examples)
5. Thin people don't skip meals
6. Thin people limit their options
7. Thin people live in Colorado (this state has the highest percentage of people at a normal weight)
8. Thin people don't sit still
9. Thin people weigh themselves (not obsessively but at least a couple times a week)
10. Thin people don't skip breakfast
11. Thin people enjoy their food ("'Naturally thin people enjoy their food every bit as much as overweight people do..In fact, many enjoy it more, because they eat without self-reproach.'  Feelings of guilt, or believing that everyone is watching what you're eating (and thinking you shouldn't be having that hot-fudge sundae) interfere with enjoyment. 'Thin people are selective gourmets...Our bodies have a budget, like our checkbook.  We should 'spend' on what we eat selectively, not compulsively'"
12. Thin people practice early intervention
13. Thin people do what works:   "The biggest difference between the permanently thin and everyone else might very well be this: Those who don't  gain (or regain) have come up with effective, specific, and often personal ways to keep their weight in check...'Thin people get out of the mind-set of being 'good' or 'bad', it's about doing what works'...when good habits are integrated into your life, something shifts.  There's no need to count calories, agonize over an order of fries, track miles walked, or (worst of all) talk endlessly about what you're eating and not eating.  For the thin, feeling strong, healthy, and yes, slim are powerful rewards--and their chief motivation to continue...'More than 90 percent of those who have mastered weight maintenance feel like they're not dieting.  It becomes a way of life."

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