Thursday, October 15, 2009

warning: possible tmi.

So here's what's been going on the past few days. 

I've had an IUD for almost a year now because DH and I decided we were done having kids but not ready to do anything permanent. 
About 2 1/2-3 weeks ago I started my normal cycle. It's been really light the last few months like you'd expect after having an IUD as long as I have. This time, not so much. It started off normal. Then it suddenly got like a regular period. Then way heavy. Then gone. But only for a day. Then it comes back like crazy. Much like you'd expect when the IUD is first put in- only with lots of clotting- like you'd expect when it's taken out. The other weird thing is that I've had a lot of nausea and cramping (like bad PMS) like I haven't had in a long time. 

So Sunday I start getting this pinching pain but it's only on ocassion. Same with Monday. A little more frequent. By Tuesday morning I can't walk and all I can think is that it feels like my IUD has come out partially and is poking me. So I call my OB and he is thankfully able to get me in right away. Seriously, this is like a miracle because he is the Chief of Staff at one of the hospitals here and is a very busy man. 

He thinks I'm crazy when I tell him what I suspect because that is extremely rare and really only happens in the first couple months after insertion. Whaddya know... I was dead on. His exact words "It looks like your body is definitely trying to expel the IUD for some reason. It's half in and half out. I'm so glad you got in here or it might've come out and I'd be seeing you in another few months with an unexpected pregnancy." I agreed and gave him a glare and expressed my extreme displeasure at the situation and asked why on earth it would just suddenly try coming out. He said that sometimes a growth will develop, like fibroids or polyps, and as it enlarges it will push it out. So he says we need to give it a month to heal then do an ultrasound to check. 
That night my sister-in-law gives birth to a baby girl and names her Emma, what I have always wanted to name a girl...The name I had haunting me when I realized it was time to get pregnant again...the name I planned to name Kyle when I was certain he was a girl. This isn't important because we're done but it just adds to things y'know. 

This morning I'm a little weirded out because I'm bleeding just so much and I'm thinking 'this is as bad or worse than after a baby.' But I have had an IUD for a while and it does build up and everything I look up indicates it's normal for after an IUD is removed. 

So now I get a phone call from my OB's office. They want me in for an ultrasound right away. And STAT bloodwork. Why? I just had an IUD out. I'm supposed to do that in a month. The nurse's answer: "It looks like the doctor suspects a pregnancy. We need you in right away." 

The other kicker? Lets just say it's been a dry spell.

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