Tuesday, February 19, 2013


This is my word I am focusing on this year. It is about more than eating healthy foods. It is about also nourishing the mind and spirit. It is recognizing that my foul mood tonight is the result of not just less than ideal food choices during the day, but of not having taken time to fill my own cup for too long... It is admitting that it isn't others' responsibility to make sure those needs of mine are met and that feelings of inadequacy, under-appreciation, or going in circles are more often attempts at placing outward blame on our own self-neglect. It is feeling embarrassed and angry and frustrated at even having to admit that, and grateful to be able to recognize it, name it, and move forward from it all at the same time. It is allowing yourself to not be perfect and allowing others the same. It is stepping out of the hamster wheel without guilt. It is saying "this is what I need- from you- from myself" and going after it because you choose to nourish yourself. It is easy and it is hard. Some days it is far harder than others. Gratitude for 'eyes to see' makes it easier.

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