Tuesday, July 31, 2012

thank you.

I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful that the Lord has helped me wake up again at an early hour of my own accord.  I know that it is His way of letting me know that He loves me and supports me and of blessing me for making good choices.  What a great feeling to wake up and start the day with and what a wonderful way that it affects the rest of my day.  Thank you.

Yesterday went really well and I felt really great as a result.  The kids loved the new schedule I made.  The spirit was here in our home again.  I felt really great (and full) as I ate well and took my vitamins.  I got much accomplished yet didn't really feel I worked a ton, but rather that I had a good balance to the day.

I did do some situps and push ups yesterday until my hip started hurting.  I tried calling the physical therapist because I actually remembered...but then, of course, I couldn't find my referral paper from the doctor.  I will look again today.  It felt like I had completely re-injured it somehow at the end of the day.  That won't do.

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