Tuesday, April 6, 2010


These days it seems I can hardly think straight.  Sure, life of a mom right?  Well, yah.  That and this craziness going on with my head.  No sarcastic comments necessary.  I got blindsided by a bizarre attack of vertigo back on Feb 23rd.  The kind of room spinning that left me unable to stand and throwing up.  Lying down didn't help either and it kept me up through the night.  I saw a doctor the next day who told me it was probably a virus and then medicated me with a heavy dose of meclizine and promethazine.  I literally slept for 24 hours solid and nearly another 24 hours after that.  Anyway, long story short… Here we are at the beginning of April and I’m still seeing multiple doctors with no clear answers.  I had a full 2 weeks where I truly was stuck in bed.  I couldn't even take care of my kids and I’m so grateful to all the many people who stepped in to fill those shoes.  Here’s a big bonus to marrying a return missionary too– DH really didn’t mind cooking for the family in the meantime (I could barely eat anyway) and was quite capable of doling out spaghetti, chili, quesadillas, mac and cheese, and more.  

What have we determined?  Well, meclizine doesn’t work.  Benadryl plus Lorazepam makes you feel like you’ve had anesthesia.  I was given an i.v. at one point because I was apparently dehydrated.  Ummm… Oh, braces make it so you can’t see the frontal lobe on an MRI (but otherwise things look fine).  My thyroid was bizarrely too high (weird since I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis)- still waiting on the results of the thyroid ultrasound.  I suddenly have heart palpitations (waiting on the echo results as well).  My period decided to go MIA for a month— which was really fabulous since I already was feeling like my body was freaking out.  No, I’m not pregnant but apparently doctors are quick to jump to that conclusion when you tell them you are dizzy.  I have a constant black spot in my vision, like someone just put a little tiny sharpie dot onto my eye.  My vestibular nerve is too inflamed to tell whether the cause of the problem is in the brain or the ear canals…. however chances are that all this dizzy business can be traced to that fateful day.  Yep.  Even now.  One speculation is that when I hit my head it dislodged some of the crystals that are deep in your inner ear and help you maintain balance.  Over time they've migrated to the other side and started hitting the vestibular nerve…causing severe neuritis and all these fun problems.
So what does this mean?  Well, I've had balance testing done and this thing called the Epiley Omniax.  If you want a ride that will make you want to hurl, just try this thing out.  I've had a couple of treatments.  Now I have to go to physical therapy a couple times a week for 1-2 months to retrain my brain to recognize proper balance cues because I’m improperly compensating now– which can explain my constant fatigue.  I’m still waiting to see the opthaneurologist about my eye spots and waiting for a return appointment for the results of the echo and ultrasound as well as some other bloodwork.  Bonus?  I have new glasses now.  Forgot to mention that- I went to an eye doctor as well because my vision was being weird and it turned out my glasses were suddenly randomly overcorrecting my vision.
Anyway, I’m glad we have health insurance.
I’m just tired of visiting doctor’s offices and having to find sitters.  At this rate I could’ve had a baby.
DH (and his mom) surprised me with a wonderful overnighter a couple of weeks ago.  It was fantastic because I really needed it.  I already need another.  ;)   It’s been a long while since he and I were able to get away together overnight sans children.  I am just so at my limit these days.  I mean, it’s not really my limit because I know I can be pushed further and probably will be.  I’m just saying that I’ve just been weary.  For several months.  Just plain weary.  Not depressed, no.  Weary.  There’s a difference.  So it was wonderful to have something nice done for me as a surprise. 

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